Our approach to hedging interest rate and inflation risk

Complete transparency

We take pride in operating with honesty and integrity, and will always be totally clear about your options and the associated costs.

Exceptional flexibility

Our extensive market knowledge and sector specialisms allow us to take a much wider view on collateralisation than other banks.  

Ease and speed

We’ll minimise the complexity of SONIA and SOFR hedging in a risk-free rate (RFR) world, leaving you with a solution that’s simple and manageable. 

Flexible hedging strategies 

From straightforward caps and swaps to more structured collars and cross-currency swaps. 

Interest rate risk management

  • Optimise fixed or float interest rate mix on bank and non-bank debt facilities.
  • Mitigate refinance risk where debt facilities are shorter than the overall required funding tenor of an asset.
  • Manage pre- and post-issuance risks by hedging capital market activity.  

Inflation risk management

  • Remedy cash flow uncertainty linked to inflation by aligning your business assets and liabilities.
  • Transform inflation-linked income into a fixed uplift.
  • Hedge an inflation-linked cost base for more predictable outgoings

Cross-border risk management

  • Manage exposure within foreign currency assets and liabilities when operating internationally. 
  • Hedge and optimise non-functional currency debt. 
  • Mitigate financial risk associated with foreign currency operations with cash flow hedging

Let’s start a conversation

If you’re a MIFID professional client, tell us a little about your business and we can discuss your risk management concerns.

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