13 Feb 2019

Investec brand campaign launch

Investec gives new meaning to Out of the Ordinary

We live in a world where currencies are losing their currency; where a tweet can tank an economy; where our digital footprints lead to our front door; where climate is changing the financial landscape. We live in an increasingly confusing, digitally disrupted world. Some might say complexity is nothing new, and that complexity has always increased with human progression. They wouldn’t be wrong. But, there’s something fundamentally different about the change this time. It’s less a natural evolution, more a profound restructuring of how our world works. And it’s challenging everything.


Human connection

The world as we know it has changed – nowhere more than in business, banking and money. This is the new frontier. In this chaotic, ever-changing world it’s often difficult to know who to trust. The need for a human connection is imperative. 

“In response to these complex times, Investec has created a compelling campaign rooted in the message ‘In out of the ordinary times, partner with Out of the Ordinary’. There’s no business or individual immune to the continuously evolving paradigm we find ourselves in. At Investec, our client relationships are at the heart of our business and we believe that a human understanding of our clients and their goals is what will drive us to success,” says Fani Titi, Investec Group joint CEO.

Running from February until June 2019, this is a multi-layered, business-integrated campaign. “Our aim for the campaign is to show that in a world where we all compete in high tech, the power of the human connection remains central to our offering. Our campaign highlights the human on the other side and celebrates being the partner to our clients, reassuring them that we will guide them through these out of the ordinary times,” says Danni Dixon, Investec marketing head.


Many topics are causing concern or uncertainty for our clients and the audiences with whom we engage. Based on these researched global themes, the campaign acknowledges and addresses these five tensions with provocative questions and statements about the world we live in, while focusing on the human role Investec plays in answering these questions for our clients. Some include:

Privacy and data protection

Intelligent systems can increasingly predict and cater to my personal and business needs. But using these requires me to share data that may put myself, my family and my business at potential risk. How do I manage these risks?

Overwhelming options of investments

We’ve never been faced with more information, more investment options or more potential pitfalls. Where do I start for myself or my business?


We live in a volatile world and cannot predict what risks and opportunities lie around the corner. How do I organise myself, my business and my community in the face of this constant uncertainty? 


Due to technological and medical advances, humanity’s average lifespan is increasing. This affects everything, including how I plan my financial future and that of my business. But, there’s also more pressure on my time than ever before, and time is the one thing that I can’t create more of. So, how do I use it optimally? 

Technological disruption

In an age of technological disruption and advancement, how does this affect humanity and where are the opportunities?

Richard Wainwright, Investec Bank SA CEO, says, “Our role is to distil complexity into clarity and create banking and wealth solutions in a world crowded with challenges. We do this through simple, human interactions and the specialist expertise and experience we bring. We keep up with the times, we calculate the risk and seek out the reward through the partnerships we have with our clients and the depth of wisdom that comes from that. The trust we build with our clients has always been what sets us apart and this campaign is about the heightened need for these relationships as our clients encounter challenges of ever-increasing complexity.”


The campaign launched today with a film, directed by a South African Oscar-winning film-maker. It portrays the chaotic overload of the strange familiar world people face online and provides a human solution to create clarity from the complexity we are faced with every day. In addition, there are 20 highly engaging pieces of video content that start the conversation with Investec around these complex global issues that are keeping our clients awake at night. Both the film and content pieces star British actor Nicholas Pinnock.

Media channels include cinema, outdoor, print, various digital channels, and a campaign site to land and explain the new brand proposition through provocative statements, driving interest in Investec’s offerings. 

“Go to partnerwithInvestec.com where you will find easy-to-digest, entertaining, thought-provoking content,” comments Danni.