Business Top5 Notice Account

Competitive rates, liquidity and flexibility

32 day

Notice period

R1 million

Minimum initial deposit

Is your business cash sitting around doing nothing?

The Investec Business Top5 notice account is an exclusive 32-day notice deposit product that offers your business competitive rates to maximise your investment returns while providing liquidity so you can manage your cash flow.

  • How the product works

    • A money market related interest rate that approximates the average of the top 5 qualifying¹ money market funds’ published rates without the inconvenience or cost of switching between funds
    • Liquidity, 20% instant access on cleared funds and 80% on a 32-day notice period
  • Benefits

    • No monthly fees*
    • Choice between compounding or monthly interest



  • Minimum & maximum deposit

    • Minimum deposit of R1 million
    • The aggregate balance of all your accounts which are linked to money market funds cannot exceed R100 million including balances in any other money-fund linked products per client. All deposits in excess of this limit, excluding capitalisation of compound interest, are restricted


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