Remove all the administration and complexities associated with your import process by choosing a fully integrated end-to-end import transaction solution.


Our product is distinctive and affords you the ability to:
  • Free-up valuable resources’ time
  • Release working capital that would otherwise be tied up in the import transaction
  • Deal with one point of contact for management of your full import supply
  • Access our interactive online reporting web-based portal, which provides real-time information
  • Have greater visibility of the strategic management of your import supply chain
  • Have improved control of supplier relationships, cost and product availability
  • Gain from our competitive rates and potential cost-saving strategies
  • Access upfront guaranteed pricing that gives you the ability to determine the profitability and viability of a product before committing to an order

16 years

Benefit from our strong track record in delivering a customised and reliable solution.


Partner with an experienced team that already imports goods in a variety of sectors.

  • Seamless global access

    There are multiple vital components that go into the import process. Benefit from a single point of contact overseeing the placing, confirming and tracking of your orders, hedging of your foreign exchange risk, management of import logistics, custom clearance, delivery to your warehouse and the final consolidation of the total landed rand cost per item. Providing a seamless and reliable link to your offshore products.

  • Enable growth

    Release your working capital by partnering with a team that finances your goods as well as the import forwarding and clearing costs. Receiving payment terms that closely match your cash flow cycle so that you are able to manage your core business obligations. Providing you with a completely outsourced solution that not only delivers on all your specific logistical requirements but also supports your growth objectives.

  • Technology foundation

    Receive greater visibility of your import supply chain by using our interactive web-based client portal. BlueLink allows you strategic oversight of the import process as well as improved control of your supplier relationships, costs, and availability of products. You have access to real-time information on your orders, forex, shipments, and payments.

Import Solutions unpacked

Want to learn more about the uniqueness of our import solutions?

Quantum of funding required: Your business needs to be able to support a minimum lend of R5m (working capital) and R1m (asset finance).


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