Real Torque with Marius Roberts

Motoring aficionado and TV personality Marius Roberts packs a world of automotive knowledge into this fast and furious car podcast and video series. Its punchy, short-form format mirrors the love of speed its host gets to show in some of South Africa’s boutique motorsport events. This motoring podcast is for all South African car enthusiasts, covering everything auto: from the latest vehicle trends and car buying tips to expert driving tips that will be invaluable when tackling some of South Africa’s most rugged off-road environments.

Woman sitting in the boot of her car looking out at a mountainous view

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Real Torque with Marius Roberts

Introducing our host

Marius Roberts

Marius Roberts is a motoring journalist, presenter, and media personality who has been active in the automotive industry for many years. He is well known for his work on the popular South African motoring show, Ignition TV, as well as a number of other publications, including Top Gear South Africa, Men's Health and Wheels24. Widely regarded as the voice of the South African automotive community, he is known for his extensive knowledge of cars and his engaging on-screen personality, where he helps make sense of the latest developments and what’s trending in the world of cars and what you need to know about your ride. A keen motorsport enthusiast himself, Marius has competed in various racing events in South Africa. He is a regular participant in the South African National Championship for historic cars, the Defender Trophy, as well as the South African Endurance Series.

Marius Roberts

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