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Retirement investments that evolve with your clients

We offer several pre- and post-retirement solutions to help your clients save towards their retirement goals within the regulatory framework. For pre-retirement, our regulation 28 compliant unit trusts are neat, diversified solutions, whilst our segregated portfolios provide transparency for a more sophisticated client. Post retirement, we are able to offer a range of unit trusts and could amend a discretionary mandate to allow for your clients’ personal circumstances in a more flexible manner. We are also able to offer more bespoke solutions, partially in post-retirement. For example, a client could hold offshore securities within their Living Annuity.


Scale and experience

As the largest private client manager in South Africa, you will benefit from our scale and experience across different geographies and asset classes.

Active investment management

We are active investment managers which means we can take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise with the aim of delivering benchmark-beating returns.


A well-diversified portfolio is one of the best ways to protect against shocks in global markets. This is why we invest in different shares, sectors and geographies that don’t correlate with one another.

Find a balanced retirement portfolio to suit your
clients’ needs

Pre-retirement unit trusts
We run two regulation 28 compliant, multi asset unit trusts/funds which are suitable for pre retirement savings. A single manager fund, the Investec BCI Balanced High Equity Fund, has an equity bias. The Investec  BCI Balanced Fund of Funds is further diversified by fund manager; we partner with the finest managers we can find to find opportunities and maximise your retirement savings. 

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Pre-retirement discretionary portfolios
We run three discretionary multi asset class portfolios which are backed by our rigorous investment process. They provide a transparent investment solution for a more sophisticated client. The minimum investment is R3 million. They cater for different risk appetites and can adjusted as client circumstances change by amending the mandate. 

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Investec BCI Balanced High Equity

  • Download the monthly factsheet here
  • Download the quarterly factsheet here

Investec BCI Balanced fund of funds

  • Download the monthly factsheet here
  • Download the quarterly factsheet here

Investec Balanced Portfolio (without offshore)
  • Download the Investec Balanced Low Equity Portfolio factsheet here
  • Download the Investec Balanced Medium Equity Portfolio factsheet here
  • Download the Investec Balanced High Equity Portfolio factsheet here

Investec Balanced Portfolio (including offshore)
  • Download the Investec Balanced Low Equity Portfolio (including offshore) factsheet here
  • Download the Investec Balanced Medium Equity Portfolio (including offshore) factsheet here
  • Download the Investec Balanced High Equity Portfolio (including offshore) factsheet here

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