Segregated Mandates


Bespoke portfolio management tailored to your clients' needs

Whether it be a specially crafted discretionary mandate or an asset swapped solution which considers inter-generational planning, we believe a core value of our business is to listen to you and your clients unique needs and help you design a solution that meets them.


Scale and experience

As the largest private client manager in South Africa, you will benefit from our scale and experience across different geographies and asset classes.

Active investment management

We are active investment managers which means we can take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise with the aim of delivering benchmark-beating returns.


A well-diversified portfolio is one of the best ways to protect against shocks in global markets. This is why we invest in different shares, sectors and geographies that don’t correlate with one another.


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Charities and trusts

We’ve been managing the investments of more than 50 organisations across South Africa, including charities, trusts, professional bodies, foundations and other similar institutions for decades. We are well versed in how to structure portfolios to meet the specific capital protection or growth objectives of your charity or trust.


Peter Vogel

As a chartable entity, your unique objectives will be reflected in a holistic investment solution tailored for you. With decades of experience, a strong track record of managing money within a broader philanthropic ecosystem, we provide a high-touch investment service aligned to the longevity of the important work your organisation is doing.