The Venture Builder is a hybrid environment where you can build out an idea on a full-time basis within Investec’s infrastructure. This enables the incubation of ideas by those who know our markets, culture, and clients best: our people.

We’re looking for ideas that broaden the scope of Investec’s offering, but that don’t fit into an existing division.

Our goal? To empower Investec intrapreneurs to build businesses within ours, by nurturing and fast-tracking the execution of hyper-scalable ideas.

The problem

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At some point in your career as an Investec employee, you may be considering pursuing your own venture or you may have an amazing idea, but limited time and resources to pursue it​.

How about the best of both worlds: a startup environment with corporate infrastructure and support to build out the new idea?

At the same time, how can we use our platform, built over 40 years, to leverage new businesses and drive shareholder value?

More specifically, what problems can we solve and are we doing enough from within Investec to combat the convergence of industries and competitors into our space?

“Exploit our existing businesses while exploring new ones.”
- ‘Innovation Through Winning’ by Michael Tushman

The solution

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A space for entrepreneurs – within Investec.

Starting a business on the outside is a challenge. It takes expertise and resources and can be lonely and difficult. The Venture Builder is an entrepreneurial opportunity that fosters the experience of starting a new venture – while getting corporate support throughout your journey.

This is an accelerator program where commercial ideas will be able to be built out into a business on a full-time basis, all while an individual continues to receive their current salary and variable reward linked to the venture’s success. Progress will be assessed on an ongoing basis, where if the business plan is on track, additional resources will be considered to enable continuation. If the idea is not viable, the person will be able to return to a role within Investec, at their current salary.

The Venture Builder will provide pre-agreed financial capital and mentorship needed to completely focus on the idea. There is the enormous benefit of strategic guidance, existing Investec infrastructure and the route-to-market required.

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Learn more about the programme that gives you the chance to be an entrepreneur without taking on all the risk.

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Mapping Investec Innovation

The Venture Builder is an incubation space for new, out of the ordinary ideas that require a home to flourish. There are also other initiatives that seek to talk about innovative ideas.

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Media Gallery

View videos on the Venture Builder and other innovation initiatives at Investec. 

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