Please refer to the below documents to learn more about Investec Europe’s terms of service.

Terms & Policies

RTS 28 - Annual Report PDF 219.52 KB
Investec Europe Limited - Terms of Business 2023 PDF 407.92 KB
Conflicts of Interest PDF 284.77 KB
Best Execution Policy PDF 474.39 KB
Foreign Exchange Order Handling Disclosure PDF 394.98 KB
Data Protection Notice PDF 143.72 KB
MiFID Risk Disclosure Statement PDF 680.87 KB
Cost Disclosure Matrix PDF 103.75 KB
Complaints Handling Procedure PDF 109.29 KB
Client Asset Information PDF 200.82 KB
Retail – Investec Europe Ltd Equities Terms PDF 294.65 KB
Professional – Investec Europe Ltd Equities Terms PDF 319.12 KB
Risk Disclosure Equities PDF 219.02 KB
Securities Pre Trade Cost Disclosure PDF 266.17 KB
IIL Whistleblowing Policy Summary PDF 154.06 KB

Application Forms

Investec Europe Limited Business Account Form PDF 270.3 KB


Investec Europe Limited IFD / IFR Pillar 3 Disclosures PDF 813.89 KB
EMIR Intragroup Exemption Disclosure PDF 122.76 KB

Key Information Documents / PRIIPS

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