Private Banking Terms and Conditions

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The Investec Relationship Agreement lists our terms and conditions. Download it via the link below. 


Terms and Conditions

Download the Investec Relationship Agreement PDF 479.48 KB

Which products does the Relationship Agreement apply to?

Our agreement impacts Transactional Banking Accounts and Savings Notice Accounts:

  • Voyage account
  • Private bank account
  • Investec Access
  • Currency Access
  • Specialist Access
  • 3 Month Reserve
  • Voyage Reserve

What does the Relationship Agreement cover?

At a high level, the agreement, and the information within it, is divided into four sections:

Part 1
You and Investec
This part gives you information on your relationship with us. It tells you things like how we can contact you, when we can make changes to your agreement, and how this agreement can end.
Part 2
How to use your account
This part tells you how your account works. It tells you about the types of payments you can make, how long they’ll take, and what to do if something goes wrong.
Part 3
Your account features
This part tells you what features apply to your account. For example, it tells you whether eligibility criteria apply to your account and what type of payments you can make and receive. You can find out the type you have by checking in online banking, looking at your statement, or asking us. If any of the other terms and conditions in this document conflict, this Part 3 will take priority over that other term. 
Part 4
Our Interest and Charges leaflet
Our Interest and Charges Leaflet tells you the current interest rates, fees and charges that apply to our different accounts.

What if I have other bank accounts with Investec?

If you have any other open accounts with Investec, the applicable terms and conditions can be downloaded below. 

Who can I contact if I have questions?