We take pride in our responsibility to our local community, and the jewel in our local crown is our longstanding partnership with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Our enduring collaboration is rooted in shared values, with a deep appreciation of the unifying power of music and the community enrichment it brings.

Over the years, we have sponsored many captivating performances and events - from BSO Proms in the Park to a performance at Buckingham Palace with the Dementia Choir.

Beyond season sponsorship, our partnership represents a commitment to the arts, the community, and the transformative impact of music on people’s lives. The participatory initiatives in support of health, wellbeing and creative learning that the BSO runs for local schools, care homes, dementia patients in hospitals, and community settings with intergenerational groups, new parents and babies, and those living in recovery from addiction, is vital work.

It's a relationship that has had to evolve with the times. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic strengthened our partnership, and we were pleased to help the Orchestra maintain its connection with its lockdown audience by supporting the BSO's groundbreaking live-streamed series of weekly symphonic concerts during the 2020/21 Season, showcasing the Orchestra's adaptability and innovation during unprecedented times. It’s a testament to the Orchestra’s commitment to inclusion and accessibility that the livestream series is now a permanent feature and is unique and unparalleled in the UK music industry and orchestral sector.

To see some of the work of this brilliant partner of ours across the South West, we invite you to watch the video below. 





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