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14 Oct 2021

Ramblings of a contented man

Carl Tremlin

Carl Tremlin

Financial Planning Director

Carl Tremlin gives us an insight into the day in the life of a Financial Planner.

It’s not a statement you hear that often, “I love my job”, but as I sit here thinking of what to write for a piece to go on the Investec website, I cannot stop myself from making this declaration.

It does sound strange saying it out loud, but I am very fortunate to be able to acknowledge the fact that every working day keeps me interested, smiling and engaged – not too bad considering the state of the world.

So, why the superlatives?

Well, every day I get to work with super talented people who are all focused on making a positive difference to our clients’, and their families’, financial futures.

Now I would be the first to suggest this boast could sound rather exaggerated or blasé, but let me indulge you with some examples of what I do as a Financial Planner on a daily basis:

Sorting the retirement quandary 

Almost everybody plans to retire at some time, and many people are putting some money aside for the event, but few people have ever discussed with a neutral what that time of their life will look like, what it will cost and what needs to be earmarked for it to be a success

Ensuring inter-generation planning is done correctly

“Trusts, Inheritance Tax, Reliefs, allowances” – has it ever been more complicated to pass money from one generation to the next without it being seriously eroded? 

Working in partnership with lawyers and accountants I ensure clients are appropriately guided through the complex maze.

Protection from a tragedy

We all hope that we live our lives without a serious illness, or without a period of unemployment, or losing a loved one prematurely, but sadly it could happen. 

Considering the consequences and planning accordingly is where a Financial Planner ensures misfortune does not become a catastrophe

Making your money work for you

Whether it be worries about inflation, concerns with low interest rates, a desire to invest in ethical & sustainable projects, or just a fundamental desire to see your money working, seeking the advice of a professional is where most people start. 

Likewise, it will only be a professional adviser who can steer you through the multitude of structures and tax wrappers available.

Now that I have noted down my ramblings I believe I may have found what to put on the website, I think I will call it “The Benefits of a Financial Adviser”!

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