Understandably, the issue of wealth and succession planning is often a taboo subject for many families. Lots of people naturally feel awkward having a conversation about such a potentially emotive subject. But careful Estate Planning is in everyone’s best interests. It allows for a much smoother and less stressful transition of your family wealth to children, grandchildren, and other dependents.

We can help you to consider these important issues calmly and objectively, creating a succession plan that keeps as much of your wealth as possible within the family while minimising the taxman’s share.

IHT payments are set to almost double to £10 billion by 2030.

* Canada Life, 2019

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Our areas of expertise

  • Inheritance Tax (IHT)

    By minimising your IHT exposure we can maximise the wealth available to pass on to your loved ones. Our Financial Planners will build up a clear picture of exactly what assets you have and how much may be liable to Inheritance Tax. We will then put in place an Estate Planning strategy built around your individual circumstances using the most appropriate and effective tax-efficient solutions.


    Trusts are an effective way to pass on your wealth. They come in many forms and can be used to preserve assets and reduce tax efficiently while allowing you to influence how they are managed and who benefits.

    Trusts can be complex but our Financial Planners can help you decide which, if any, are right for your personal objectives. You then have the satisfaction of knowing your loved ones will get the most benefit from your generosity.


    You may think of your pension as simply the source of your retirement income, but it is also a very tax-efficient way to pass on your wealth. Anyone, not just your partner, can inherit your pension. Since your pension generally sits outside your estate as far as the taxman is concerned, it is usually exempt from IHT.

    We can advise you on how to make the most of your pension’s power as a valuable tax-free asset for succession planning while ensuring you are ready for a long and comfortable retirement as well.

How does Estate Planning work?

With an Estate Planning strategy in place, you can ensure that you pass on your wealth to future generations and allow your loved ones to inherit in the most tax-efficient way. We will help you to benefit from the range of exemptions on offer by putting in place the best combination to deliver the outcome that works best for you. Knowing you have got your affairs in order will bring peace of mind for you and your family. Here’s how it works.

  1. Step One

    Taking stock of your wealth

    We will use our expertise to determine exactly what your estate is currently worth in terms of your investments, savings, properties and other assets. Getting clarity on what you actually own allows you to consider exactly how, and to whom, you would like to transfer this wealth in future.

  2. Step Two

    Calculating your potential tax liability

    Once we have determined how much wealth you actually have, we will calculate how much of your estate may be liable to IHT and what strategies might be available to you to help reduce it.

  3. Step Three

    Creating a personalised plan

    Next we’ll talk you through all the various strategies that you may wish to consider in order to minimise the impact of IHT, based on your personal preferences. We’ll then identify and put into action the most suitable combination of exemptions, trusts, structures and vehicles to achieve this.

  4. Step Four

    Continually reviewing it

    Once your plan is in place, we will continue to review it as the economic environment, your circumstances, or your wishes change. It is very much an ongoing process, focused on making sure that your wealth is passed on in the most tax-efficient manner to those you care about.

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Grant, Scotland (name changed to protect anonymity)

After family bereavements, the team provided fantastic support, and took a great weight off our shoulders by dealing with solicitors, banks, and a host of other necessary investment work.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Do I need to make a Will? Can you help?

    While many people prefer not to think about such matters, getting a properly drafted Will and power of attorney in place is crucial. Having a Will in place will give you the reassurance that your wishes will be respected when the time comes to pass on wealth in your estate.


    While drafting a Will is not the role of a Financial Planner, we work closely with local solicitors who share our values and who are experts in their chosen field. Our clients can certainly talk to their Financial Planner about contacting a solicitor if they are not sure where to go or who to see.


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  • How much money will I save by using Estate Planning?

    Good Estate Planning allows you to pass on your wealth to those who matter most to you, in the most efficient way, while making sure there’s enough left over to look after you.


    Minimising your IHT bill is at the heart of the strategy. Given that the current rate of IHT is 40% on all assets above your tax-exempt personal allowances, the savings from a properly conceived and executed estate plan can be considerable.


    Reducing your IHT bill

  • When should I start to think about Estate Planning?

    Many people think Estate Planning can be left until your retirement, but it makes sense to give it some thought beforehand as part of your ongoing Financial Planning.


    Recent research* shows that the single biggest mistake people make in Estate Planning is not engaging with their adviser until it’s too late.


    By putting your estate plan in place early, you can take advantage of tax planning strategies that deliver the best results when they are set up well in advance.


    By talking to us sooner rather than later, we will be able to suggest the best solutions to meet your needs and preserve your wealth.


    *Canada Life, 2019


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  • Why should I choose you?

    We know that entrusting your wealth and financial future to someone outside the family is not a decision you take lightly. Our values are integral to who we are - we are transparent in saying what we do and just as principled in doing what we say, because we know it can make a profound difference to our clients' lives. We’re also a brand with an impeccable reputation - one of the very few banks to come through the financial crisis with its reputation intact.


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  • Can I have a free consultation?

    We’d be very keen to meet you for a friendly discussion, at our expense, to understand your current situation and find out how we might be able to help you organise your finances and plan your estate.


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  • How can I find an office near me?

    You are never far from your local, expert team. We have experienced Financial Planners right across the UK, with a presence in most of the major cities. You can find full details of our individual team members and where to find us by clicking on the link below.


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