It has come to our knowledge that there is a WhatsApp group formed in the name of our Head of Equities – Mr. Mukul Kochhar. The said mobile number on WhatsApp has the Display Picture (“DP”) of Mr. Kochhar. Some investment advice is being shared on this WhatsApp group in the name of our employee, Mr. Mukul Kochhar.

We would like to clarify and caution the public at large that neither Mr. Mukul Kochhar nor Investec group nor any of its affiliates or any of its other employees are associated in any manner with the said WhatsApp group.

We also like to caution the public at large that there could be other surreptitious and/or fraudulent social media handles or other platforms which have not come to our knowledge yet but are criminally and fraudulently abusing our name and indulging in impersonation of ours or any of our employees with nefarious design of market manipulation and/or defrauding the investing public at large.

We hereby clarify, for sake of abundant caution, that Investec Capital services (India) Private Limited is a regulated entity. As such, we do not create, manage or are a part of any website or social media handles that indulge in any one or more of activities like providing tips, investment advice, spread market rumours or any unverified market information and so on.

Investors are hereby cautioned not to believe in such messages, audio or videos on such WhatsApp groups and not follow any such investment or other advice coming from such fake messages or audio or video messages or other mediums on WhatsApp or otherwise. Everyone is requested to verify the source of communication and content which is published on behalf of Investec and to check the official social media handles.

Pursuant to the above, anyone dealing with such unauthorized persons or entities or dealing as a result of or pursuant to tips or investment advice from such unauthorized persons or entities who criminally and fraudulently claim to be from Investec group do so at their own peril and Investec group will not be responsible in any manner.

We hereby urge the public at large that if anyone gives any investment advice or tips in such manner as above to you, you may consider filing a police complaint with the cyber crime cell of police as well as with the stock exchanges.


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