Help & Support

  • I don't remember my Investec ID or password?

    We understand you may forget your Investec ID or Password from time to time. If you have forgotten your Investec ID or Password, or are having any other issue, please contact us for further assistance.
  • How do I change my password?

    Once you have logged in to Investec Online, click on the Security settings tab. The Change password page will automatically appear and this is where you will type in your existing password, followed by a new password you wish to use going forward. When deciding on your new password it is important to keep to the password policy displayed on the left hand side of the page, in mind; A coloured bar indicating the strength of your new password will act as a guide.
  • What is mobile confirmation and what is it used for?

    As an extra security measure, you may be required to authenticate your log in via a real time mobile authentication message that will be sent to your phone.
  • My accounts view and how does it work?

    My accounts view is a consolidation of all your Investec private client accounts showing any Private Bank and Wealth & Investment accounts.
    My accounts view pulls in information from your accounts to show you a statement of your assets and liabilities. To view an account, or take action (e.g make a payment or a trade), click on the account line to view your expanded actions for that account.
  • Is Investec Online secure?

    Risk management and ensuring our clients’ online security is something we take incredibly seriously. We combine expertise from the security, risk and fraud disciplines with best-of-breed technology and procedural controls to mitigate any and all known risks.
    We are continually looking at ways to improve, enhance and upgrade our security protocols and procedures. For more information on Investec’s online security go to
  • How do I link the Investec App to my accounts?

    Once you have downloaded the Investec App, you need to register and link your smartphone(s) online by following a quick three-step process:
    • Log into the Investec App on your smartphone using your Investec ID and Password
    • Read and accept the terms of use
    • Log into Investec Online ( to complete the process by linking the phone to your Investec Online profile. Once it is linked, click ‘Link complete’ on your smartphone.
  • Can I log in without my mobile?

    If you have a Private Bank transactional account, your mobile phone is required every time you log in to Investec Online in order to receive a mobile authentication message. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to log in but do not have your mobile phone with you, please contact Investec for further assistance.
  • How do I register for Investec Online?

    Go to, click on the "Log in" button on the top right corner, and select "Investec Online"
    • Enter your Investec ID, this is your unique user name used to access Investec Online
    • You will then need to enter your Investec Online Password, which can be obtained by contacting Investec
    • After submitting your temporary password, Investec will send you a mobile authentication message to your mobile phone which you need to accept to proceed to login to Investec Online
    If you need to transact on the account prior to receiving your Investec Online Password, please contact Investec for further assistance.