Visa debit cards

Signature card
Upfront Card fee40.00
Card Courier fee***50.00
Monthly fee after one year3.50
Damaged card replacement40.00
Lost/stolen card replacement40.00
ATM cash fee5.00****
(or equivalent)
Minimum account balance to process application150
Currency conversion fee (for international transactions
other than the six currencies linked to the card)
Currency conversion fee (to clear account overdrafts)1.50%
Daily ATM limit
 - For USD, GBP, EUR, and AUD
 - For ZAR
 - For MUR

USD 1,500 equivalent
ZAR 20,000
MUR 50,000

*All fees exclude VAT if applicable

**All fees will be in USD and charged to the linked USD account except ATM fees which will be charged in the transaction currency

***Charged if the total amount across all open accounts is less than USD50,000 (or currency equivalent) when the bank processes the card application

****Not applicable for ATM cash withdrawals within Mauritius

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