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Investec Bank Ltd and its subsidiaries recognise and respect the privacy and data protection rights of individuals with regard to personal data.

We may use your personal data to provide you with services you request from us or to manage your accounts, make decisions, detect and prevent fraud, fulfil any contractual relationship with you, undertake analysis and assessment, ensure that we comply with legal and regulatory requirements and/or for other purposes where in our legitimate interests.

For further details as to how Investec uses personal data, please refer to our Data Protection Notice.


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In order to facilitate us working together on responsibly disclosing any discovered vulnerabilities, we have provided the following guidelines:


At Investec, we take security very seriously and value contributions from the security community. The responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities by the security community helps make the online world a safer place. 

Telephone numbers for Investec staff

David Rappaport CEO, GC and CCO 212-259-5610
Patricia Chappina Assistant to CEO/Office Manager 212-259-5611
Scott Diamond Associate Compliance Officer/Associate GC 212-259-5613
Michael Klebosky Compliance Associate 646-557-4963
Steve Narov Chief Financial Officer 212-259-5617
Kelly Olech Part-time Bookkeeper 646-557-4995
Judith Chevere Receptionist/Admin. Assistant 212-259-5616
International and Emerging Market Equities Sales and Trading
Kathryn Spain Head of Sales and Trading 212-259-4970
Hande Cuhruk Sales  212-259-5601
Jason Dubeshter Sales 212-259-5603
James Ewing Sales 212-259-5621
Balaji Jayaraman Sales 212-259-5615
Ryan Norton Sales Trader 212-259-5607
Kent Penney Sales Trader 212-259-5602
John Packes Sales Trader 646-557-4966
Susan Riordan Corporate Access 212-259-5606
Sarah Daniels Corporate Access and International Equities Assoc. 212-259-5600
Power & Infrastructure Finance
Ralph Cho Co-Manager 646-557-4960
Michael Pantelogianis Co-Manager 646-557-4959
Narah Timmer Assistant 646-557-4964
Hans Beekmans Originator 212-259-5604
Fred Petit Senior Banker 646-557-4989
Michael Alerhand Banker 646-557-4957
Sean Kulkarni Legal Counsel for Power & Infrastructure 646-557-4954
Valeria Lombardi Banker 212-259-5605
Tomson Carroll   646-557-4990
Joy Chung   646-557-4994
Sebastian Fasanello   646-557-4965
Eric Rabin   646-557-4976
William Wrede   646-557-4973
Xin Hui Yeo   646-557-4969
Investec SA Banking
Laurence Kaplan SA Banking 212-259-5618
Jeffrey Cheng   646-557-4971