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In part one of this Business Class podcast series, Chris Becker explains the basics of "peer to peer digital currencies" that let people transfer value to each other over the internet, anywhere in the world, without any central gatekeepers or intermediaries involved.

The seemingly unhackable network is kept secure by encryption technology called blockchain that provides an open, distributed ledger that verifies transactions and sits on a network of computers, not controlled by any central third party.

Podcast 1: Understanding cryptocurrencies

"Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that is not issued by a central authority like a government or a central bank."

In part two of our three-part podcast series on cryptocurrencies, Chris discusses Bitcoin supply and demand, cryptocurrency security and regulations and how it could represent the “biggest wealth transfer in the history of the world”.


Podcast 2: Bitcoin supply and demand, security and regulations

"Bitcoin could represent the biggest wealth transfer in the history of the world."

In this third and final episode below, Chris unpacks how to use cryptocurrencies and in particular, Bitcoin, for business. 

Chris Becker
Chris Becker, Investec economic strategist

Blockchain is an open, permission-less network that anyone can see and verify. Anyone can build and implement new code that can run on this protocol.

Podcast 3: How to use Bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrencies

"It's too early for businesses to use Bitcoin yet. It's like Internet was in the 90s, but is growing exponentially."

About the author

Chris Becker

Chris Becker

Blockchain technologies lead

Chris commercialises decentralised blockchain technologies and digital assets for the benefit of Investec Private Banking clients. In his previous role, he was an economist and strategist conducting research for large corporates, asset managers and hedge funds for a decade before entering blockchain technologies full time in 2017.

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