Portfolio management

For your growth and income needs

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Whether you want to grow your wealth or generate an income, Investec’s investment portfolio management expertise can help realise your goals.

Holistic perspective

We look at your specific needs to offer customised portfolio management built around your goals, family and life stage. 

Global strategy

Your portfolio will benefit from our rigorous global investment process that draws on our expert network across the world.

Research-driven decision making

Our insights and decisions are backed by in-depth research and extensive knowledge of companies across industries and investment landscapes.

Choose Investec Portfolio Management if you’re looking to:

Allocate a minimum of R3m to be invested

Benefit from diversified local and global market exposure

Access insightful, personal advice backed by experience and research

Find your impact with the Class of 2030

Find out more about our Portfolio Management services by selecting an investment portfolio option below: 

Domestic Investments

Long-term Growth Portfolio

Listed Property Portfolio

Progressive Yield Portfolio

Multi-Asset Class Funds

Domestic Investments Portfolio Factsheets

Long-Term Growth Portfolio PDF 315.15 KB
Progressive Yield Portfolio PDF 303.47 KB
Managed High Equity Portfolio PDF 506.6 KB
Managed High Equity Portfolio with Offshore PDF 701.24 KB
Managed Medium Equity Portfolio PDF 619.0 KB
Managed Medium Equity Portfolio with Offshore PDF 704.32 KB
Managed Low Equity Portfolio PDF 598.67 KB
Managed Low Equity Portfolio with Offshore PDF 695.43 KB
Opportunities Portfolio PDF 574.89 KB
Large Bank Dividend Portfolio PDF 177.87 KB
Listed Property Portfolio PDF 301.97 KB
Investec Stable Portfolio for Charities PDF 562.09 KB
Investec Growth Portfolio for Charities PDF 571.28 KB

Offshore Investments

Global Leaders Portfolio

Global Multi-Asset Class Portfolio

Offshore Investments Portfolio Factsheets

Global Balanced Portfolio (USD) PDF 616.56 KB
Global Growth Portfolio (USD) PDF 606.07 KB
World Axis Cautious Fund PDF 1.04 MB
World Axis Core Fund PDF 1.02 MB
World Axis Flexible Fund PDF 1006.93 KB
World Axis Global Equity Fund PDF 933.35 KB
Global Leaders Portfolio PDF 384.17 KB
Global Leaders Fund PDF 700.68 KB

Retirement Portfolio Factsheets

Retirement High Equity Portfolio PDF 635.87 KB
Retirement High Equity Portfolio including Offshore PDF 666.88 KB
Retirement Medium Equity Portfolio PDF 587.94 KB
Retirement Medium Equity Portfolio including Offshore PDF 603.26 KB
Retirement Low Equity Portfolio PDF 605.84 KB
Retirement Low Equity Portfolio including Offshore PDF 692.86 KB

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Multi Asset Class Portfolio

Paul Deuchar
Paul Deuchar, Portfolio Management head

As long-term investors, we’re happy to hold on to quality stocks through times of weakness; provided we’re satisfied the investment case holds.

The Investec Global Investment Process

Leverage our international network

We have operations in 14 countries, giving you access to local and offshore markets. Our clients benefit from our multifaceted, in-depth, global investment processes which offer scale, reach, and continuous growth.

Local knowledge, global expertise

We ensure your investments benefit from the global perspective of our experts across international markets.

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