Enhanced Income Plan Overview

The Plan is designed to pay investors an annual income of 2.00% gross guaranteed over the life of the product, regardless of the performance of the EURO STOXX 50®. There is potential for a bonus coupon of 2.00% on maturity if the EURO STOXX 50® is above its Initial Index Level.

Your commitment

You must be able to commit a sum of at least €20,000 for the full 6 years. The maximum investment amount is €2,000,000.

Plan term

The investment is for a maximum term of 6 years.

What are you investing in?

You are investing in a 6 year securities-based Plan and your money will be used to buy Securities issued by Investec Bank plc. Securities are a type of debt issued by a bank. In effect you are lending money to Investec Bank plc for the duration of the Plan. The Securities are designed to generate the Plan returns and Investec Bank plc is legally obliged to pay to you the Plan returns.


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