Kick-Out plan overview

The Plan aims to repay your initial investment and deliver a return if the EURO STOXX 50® increases over the Observation Period. There is also potential for the Plan to ‘Kick-Out’ depending on the performance of the EURO STOXX 50®. This means the Plan may mature early, returning your initial investment plus a predefined return.

Your commitment

You must be able to commit a sum of at least €20,000 for the full 5 years. The maximum investment amount is €2,000,000.

Plan term

The investment is for a maximum term of 5 years with the potential to mature early on any Kick-Out Date(s).

What are you investing in?

You are investing in a 5 year securities-based Plan and your money will be used to buy Securities issued by Investec Bank plc. Securities are a type of debt issued by a bank. In effect you are lending money to Investec Bank plc for the duration of the Plan. The Securities are designed to generate the Plan returns and Investec Bank plc is legally obliged to pay to you the Plan returns.


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Impala Series 968 – 5 Yr EUR Kick Out – Final Terms PDF 292.02 KB