Warren Kelly freelance writer
Warren Kelly
Financial services written content creator


I tell stories.


Partly because I want people to listen (ahem, recognition).


But more so because story is how we all make sense of our lives. And if I can use words to help people and businesses tell their stories in a way that gets them the attention they want, well, I’ll happily give them the stage.

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Before founding Write of Way, I spent six years at a local fund manager who runs balanced, equity and hedge fund unit trusts, investing in both domestic and offshore assets.


My early experience there was as an investment analyst, after which I gradually moved into a client facing business development role. For the duration of my tenure, I worked closely with the portfolio managers and senior analysts to write insightful investment content for multiple platforms targeting a range of potential investors.


It was the love of that process that gave me the fortitude to start creating written content on a fulltime basis in 2020.



Business Science, Finance (UCT, 2008)

Passed all three levels of CFA program (2016)

Brand Management short course (UCT, 2019)

Digital Marketing short course (UCT, 2020)


My interests and inspiration

I consider reading to be my greatest source of inspiration. Then, I’m fortunate enough to have a mentor who is both brilliant and willing to share how she became so.


Having a small group of very close friends who love talking about big ideas is also something I’m grateful for. And finally, but most crucial, is my family. Without them, my flame would burn less brightly.


My interests include anything that involves the outdoors and an elevated heart rate; the workings of human psychology; mediocre fly-fishing; learning about the nuances of the bush; sustainable living and investing; and the pursuit of being content.