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Put your corporate’s cash to work with Investec’s cash management solutions

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Call, fixed, notice and other deposit products and services to meet your liquidity and return needs 


As a corporate, you need your cash to work as hard as you do. Whether it’s returns or liquidity you require, our cash management solutions can help you achieve this goal.

Investec’s specialist expertise, combined with our client-centred approach, mean you get a holistic and flexible approach to your specific cash investment needs. Our offerings are designed to ensure optimal liquidity and excellent returns on your money. 

As a leading provider of corporate banking services in South Africa, Investec can deliver the right strategy for your corporate.

Find out more about our cash management solutions:

Call accounts

Earn an exceptional return on your surplus cash while enjoying immediate access to your funds.


  • Guaranteed returns from day one, with instant access
  • Comprehensive disclosure that allows you to track your returns 

Flexible notice deposits

Receive competitive rates to maximise your investment returns, while providing liquidity on an overnight basis, so you can better manage your cash flow.


  • Choose your level of access
  • Withdraw all or part of your investment, within your chosen access period

Fixed deposits

Fix your investment term and secure a higher interest rate.  Benefit from earning interest from day one.


  • Earn competitive returns by fixing your investment period
  • Boost returns by extending the investment period

Structured deposits

Choose a structured investment product that offers you growth and capital protection.


  • Tailored to provide capital growth, income or a combination of the two

Step-up coupon deposits

A unique offering that offers you liquidity and higher returns for cash that stays invested.


  • Liquidity on a quarterly basis
  • A rising spread on money market rates for cash that is re-invested quarterly

Cash management solutions need to be flexible to suit your specific cash flow needs. Investec’s deposits offer the competitive returns and accessibility that you require. From simple call accounts, to fixed deposits and more flexible offerings like our unique step-up deposits, our suite of offerings is designed to meet your specific needs.


In addition, by collaborating with specialists in other parts of the Investec treasury team, we are able to develop a holistic strategy for your overall cash and hedging requirements.

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Colin Sundelson, Cash Management

At Investec, we understand your need to put your cash to work, but we also value the relationships we build with our clients. We’ll help you to manage your liquidity and return requirements, as part of a holistic service.

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