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As a corporate, you need your cash to work as hard as you do. Whether it’s returns or liquidity you require, our cash management solutions can help you achieve this goal.

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Investec Corporate Investment Solutions

What we offer

From strategically managing your short-term cash balances through to longer-term fixed deposits and more flexible solutions like our unique structured products, our suite of offerings is designed to meet your specific needs.


Our Approach

Investec’s specialist expertise, combined with our client-centered approach, means you get a holistic and flexible approach to your specific cash investment needs.

Our offerings are designed to ensure optimal liquidity and excellent returns on your money. As a leading provider of corporate banking services in South Africa, Investec can deliver the correct strategy for your corporate, institution, or trust.

Short Term

Your investments should not just work hard for you, but give you the easy and quick accessibility that you need. We have a broad offering to suit your surplus cash requirements.

Our products include:

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Long Term

You’ll know the importance of taking a long-term view with your cash, which also caters for unexpected events. Our specialists take a strategic view of long-term global market trends, helping you to position your excess funds according to your needs. Our investment products can be linked to any of the major asset classes to meet your requirements. 

Our products include:

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