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Building resilient investments

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Structured Investment Products and Services

Structured products are designed to protect your capital or in some cases give positive returns when a direct investment in the market would have produced a loss.

Equity structured products

Bolster your investment portfolio by choosing an equity-linked product that stimulates asset growth. This can be achieved either as an alternative or as a complement to your equity portfolio or unit trust

Income structured products

Choose an investment product designed to produce targeted returns for you while minimising the risk of capital loss. They are ideal if you require an ongoing stream of income or coupons. 

Investec Rand Euro Stoxx 50 Autocall

Investec Rand Euro Stoxx 50 Autocall 

Investec Structured Products is proud to announce the launch of the Investec Rand Euro Stoxx 50 Autocall, providing investors exposure to 50 of the largest listed companies in the Eurozone, with a high degree of capital protection.

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Brain McMillan Structured Products
Brian McMillan, Structured Products

The ability of structured products to deliver clearly defined returns is where they really shine.

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Transparent investing

Investing is made easier when you know all the variables. Receive an investment solution that provides a level of certainty to your returns under particular market conditions. Where the objectives, fees and returns of your investment are known up front or can even be locked in until maturity.

Gain favourable returns

Benefit from products with returns that are greater than those generated by the underlying assets. Giving you smart investment strategies that diversify your portfolio, minimise the risks involved in investing and can be designed to be tax efficient.

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  • Know how structured products work

    Structured products typically provide you with returns linked to the performance of an underlying asset or benchmark, such as equities, commodities, interest rates and foreign exchange rates. This exposure to an underlying asset can be through individual securities, a basket of securities or even market indices. 

  • Understand capital protection

    In times of adverse market performance, capital protection is used to ensure that you receive your capital protected level at maturity. Taking your risk specifications into consideration, we can protect a portion or all of your invested capital.  

    • Hard capital protection is geared to guarantee that you receive back your capital, or a defined portion of it, even if the underlying investment does not perform
    • Soft capital protection is dependent on the underlying asset’s level at maturity. In many cases these products can be designed to provide you geared access to an investment with limited downside protection.

    Note: capital protection is an attractive element of structured products, but in some cases it may reduce the ability to benefit from the higher returns that can be earned in a strongly rising market.

  • Complexities

    In some cases the structure of your product may be complex and understanding how the investment performs under various market conditions is important.

  • Early termination

    Most structured products are designed to be held until maturity for the capital protection to apply. You may incur unwinding costs if you need to terminate your investment early, resulting in some loss.

  • Liquidity

    Our structured products are designed to be as flexible as possible but in some cases liquidity constraints may be enforced.


transparent advice and understanding about your obligations and the expected outcomes before you invest.

17 years

Our notable track record is globally recognised, having opened our South African unit in 2002 and later launching our UK business in 2008.


Partner with a team that has been awarded best structured products nine times by four different industry bodies.

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