Equity Linked Structured Investment Products

Bolster your investment portfolio by choosing an equity-linked structured product that stimulates asset growth. This can be achieved either as an alternative or as a complement to your equity portfolio or unit trust.  

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Market smart investing

Partner with a highly experienced team that is focused on developing a range of equity structured products that are delivered through various domestic and foreign platforms, giving you easy access to local and international markets.

Equity-linked investment products FAQs

  • Who should buy Investec Structured Products?

    Whether you are a individual, company, charity, asset manager or trust, structured products can help you receive your desired returns.

  • What will happen if I invest before the closing date of the investment?

    If we receive your application form and payment before the closing date of the ESP, you will not be able to receive pre-investment interest.

  • To which index or asset class is the performance of my investment linked?

    Your investment may be linked to a number of different indices, baskets of shares, commodities or indeed many other asset classes; details of the particular investment are detailed in the application form, brochure and listing supplement.

  • Who is the structured product issuer?

    The ESP is issued by Investec Bank Ltd (reg no. 1969/004763/06), authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Board.

  • What happens if I cash in my investment early?

    Most structured products are designed to be held for the full term. If you need to cash in your investment early, you may subject; however, we cannot guarantee what its value will be at that point and it may be less than you originally invested. We will pay you the value of your investment in accordance with the prevailing market rate at that time, less any associated selling costs and transfer taxes, including stamp duty or stamp duty reserve tax to the extent applicable. Investors should note that certain SPs can only be unwound in entirety and in some cases on specific dates.

  • What happens at maturity?

    You will have the option to either cash in your SP, or possibly roll it to another SP, or to reinvest the proceeds into other products which may be available at that time from Investec.

  • What are the charges?

    In most cases we have included all the costs and charges payable to third parties in relation to the management and distribution of the SP when setting the return for the product. However each SP is different and full details as to the fees charged will be made available in the marketing material.

  • How will I find the value of my investment?

    In cases where the SPs are listed instruments, the value of the SP will be published daily on the JSE and in certain newspapers or are available directly from your stockbroker. Monthly statements showing the latest value of your investment will be sent to you monthly from your stockbroker.

  • Why is the value of my investment below my purchase price if it has capital protection?

    In many cases the price of the SP shown on the JSE will be below the initial price of the instrument even if it is capital protected. The capital protection is only guaranteed at expiry and during the life of the product the investment may be worth less than the capital protection.

  • How do I invest

    You will be required to complete and sign the application form and submit the original. The products are listed on the JSE and hence can only be acquired if you have a stockbroking account.

    Payment for the purchase of the products will need to be made by your stockbroker into the relevant Investec bank account by no later than the closing date of the offer period as stated on the application form.

    If you are interested in investing in Guernsey Listed Products

    Follow the underlying four investment avenues:

    • Offshore R10 million allowances
      Disclosed amnesty assets and disclosed foreign assets
    • International assets held by non South African investors
    • Cash transfer facility (asset swap)

    You will be required to complete and sign an application form and submit the original along with necessary FICA requirements stipulated in the annexure to the application form. Payment for the purchase of the products will depend on which of the above investment avenues you wish to use and which is more fully described in the application form.

    Note: you should seek independent professional legal, tax and accounting advice so as to consider the investment in light of your particular circumstances.

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