Specialised investment opportunities

Remove some of the uncertainty from investing with alternative investments from Investec

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A safety net for uncertain markets

Investec’s Structured Products are designed to give you a defined outcome over your investment period. While there are no absolutes in investing, making smart choices can remove some of the uncertainty. Tailor your returns for capital growth, income, or both. 

Access different markets, currencies and themes

Our Structured Products give choice and flexibility. Access international markets without having to choose stocks yourself and invest according to a market theme. Some are designed to make returns even in flat markets, while others use leverage with the goal of enhancing returns.

A compelling diversification tool

Structured Products fall into the category known as ‘alternative investments’. As part of a proper asset allocation plan, they can play a useful part in diversifying your investment portfolio.

Specialised investment opportunities: How they fit into your portfolio

Specialised investment opportunities: How they fit into your portfolio

Autocalls: How they fit into your portfolio

Autocalls: When to invest and what to consider

Autocalls: When to invest and what to consider

Make Investec Structured Products part of your portfolio if you want:

A simple, efficient way to shock-proof your investments

To diversify your portfolio

Access global stock markets, without choosing stocks yourself

Start your wealth journey with us

Partner with Investec’s team of investment experts to make smart choices to preserve and grow your wealth.


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head of specialised opportunities
Simone Benatar, Specialised Opportunities head

Our Structured Products are like investments with airbags.

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What you see is what you get. All fees are disclosed and packaged into the Investec Structured Product structure. You incur no deductions on your initial investment, so you earn a clean return.



Backed by highly rated institutions. Structured Products are typically issued by some of the world’s most highly-rated banks. 



Exclusively for Investec clients. Our suite of Structured Products is available only to clients of Investec. 



Investments to match your needs. Each investment we design follows a process of identifying key opportunities that match investor needs, which cannot be met through the underlying market alone. These investment opportunities are the fruit of our global investment strategy and research process.

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Get the ability to earn extra returns relative to cash and fixed income investments, with a high degree of capital protection. Autocalls are designed to provide various currency exposures.

The Investec Global Investment Process

Leverage our international network

We have operations in 14 countries, giving you access to local and offshore markets. Our clients benefit from our multifaceted, in-depth, global investment processes which offer scale, reach, and continuous growth.

Local knowledge, global expertise

We ensure your investments benefit from the global perspective of our experts across international markets.


Ranked as the Best Private Bank and Wealth Manager in South Africa for 11 consecutive years by the Financial Times of London.

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Retirement Investments

Investing in a suitable retirement vehicle or pension fund is one of the best ways to plan for your future needs.

Invest offshore

Global diversification is a must. Investec’s offshore investments give you access to the world’s leading companies and fund managers.

Manage my investments for me

Get advice, insight and personal investment services backed by our truly global investment approach and expertise.

Property finance

A comprehensive range of integrated property funding solutions across all property sectors in South Africa and within selected geographies.

Foreign exchange

If you want to invest internationally, make payments overseas, receive money from offshore or you need some foreign currency to travel.

Private capital

We provide established entrepreneurs, business founders and high net worth individuals with private capital solutions, transaction ideas and access to Investec’s networks.

Enjoy Investec One Place™ with our local and international offering