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Manage your interest rate, risk and currency and commodity risks, guided by our expert treasury team.

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Our Approach

Our philosophy is that risk cannot be eliminated, but it can be effectively managed through risk management strategies that support your underlying business model. Partner with a team with the expertise, international presence and client focus to maximise your trade risk management.

If you're an importer or exporter with currency or commodity markets' exposure, if you need help hedging your interest rate exposure, to manage your liquidity or simply to get the most out of your working capital, we can help you manage your risks more effectively. Your needs are at the centre of everything you do.

Investec Treasury Sales and Structuring

A comprehensive mix of strategies and expertise for corporates looking to manage and navigate risks across markets. Our treasury team provides a breadth of experience across foreign exchange, interest rates, commodities and money markets. We proactively formulate strategies suited to your business, backed by best execution.


Treasury Solutions


The team

Dhiren Mansingh

Head: Treasury, sales and structuring

Peter Rattey

Head: Treasury sales

David Gracey

Head: Foreign exchange and fixed income trading

Obakeng Pitse

Head: Treasury structuring

Quentin Allison

Head: Commodity trading & structuring

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