Key Facts

Mandate type

Segregated, discretionary managed

Minimum investment

investment $300,000

Management fee

1.50% on the first $1m

1.25% thereafter

(subject to a minimum annual fee of $3,000)


MSCI World Index total return

Risk profile


  • What is a Global Leader?

    A Global Leader is a company with sustainable, enduring competitive advantages in growing markets. These advantages come in many forms which may include:

    • Industry competitive landscape – e.g. Oligopoly
    • Dominant market shareo Brand Power
    • Global distribution & sourcing
    • Pricing power
    • Technological leadership
    • Low cost position
  • Please tell us about the portfolio rationale and investment process?

    The portfolio is a segregated, discretionary managed, developed equity market portfolio. It provides investors with access to global quality growth through investing in leading companies listed in developed markets. The portfolio is managed by an investment committee of Investec Wealth & Investment’s most experienced global portfolio managers from our UK and SA offices, leveraging off the bottom-up fundamental research expertise of our dedicated analyst team, and the top-down input of our Global Investment Strategy Group. The portfolio will be long-term in focus with a bias towards larger capitalisation stocks, and will typically comprise of 30 to 50 high-conviction holdings.

  • What sort of companies do you invest in?

    We focus on companies with strategic competitive advantages that are able to compound these advantages over the long term. Our strategy is to search for companies with reasonably attractive valuations that deliver sustainable, high levels of profitability, free cash flow, and returns on capital through the economic cycle. We avoid companies that are highly leveraged, cyclical, capital intensive and price takers. Although the portfolio will gravitate naturally towards larger capitalisation stocks, up to 20% of the portfolio may be designated towards mid capitalisation stocks, as new Global Leaders emerge. 

  • How do I invest offshore?

    Investors will need to go through the required exchange control mechanisms. Investors can access the portfolio by either using their annual foreign investment allowance, or Investec Wealth & Investment’s asset swap capacity at no asset swap charge. Alternatively, money that is already held offshore, in line with the required exchange control rules, can also be invested in the portfolio. The investor requires a minimum investment of US$300,000.