Ryan Friedman

Ryan Friedman

Multi-manager Investments head

I head up the multi-manager business within Investec Wealth & Investment in SA focusing on running US dollar denominated global funds for Investec’s high net worth clients. We also manage a number of multi-manager funds in South Africa. My team and I perform detailed due diligence on fund managers around the world with the aim of building globally diversified fund of funds portfolios populated with some of the world’s finest investment managers. Our investment process focuses on qualitative, quantitative and operational due diligence in order to quantify and manage risk and generate superior performance for investors. We place great emphasis on qualitative aspects of the due diligence process as risk cannot be adequately quantified by statistics alone. This has helped us to avoid many mistakes over the years by keeping things simple and always applying a healthy degree of common sense to everything we do. We run four risk profiled funds denominated in US dollars and domiciled in a tax efficient structure in Guernsey. Our longest running fund has a 12 year track record of consistent out performance of our global peer group. We manage in excess of US$1.5bn across these funds with an additional R1.7bn in SA domiciled funds.


I was hired by Investec to set up this business in 2004 and have been managing it ever since, with the aim of growing assets under management through consistent performance and a relevant fund offering.


I completed my BCom in 1997 and obtained my CFA charter in 2001.

My interests and hobbies

I am a family man with a passion for my kids but that doesn’t stop me and my wife from escaping to an exotic destination for a relaxed break or a bit of a party with friends. Outside of traveling, I am often doing some form of exercise, mostly in the gym. I enjoy reading non-fiction, particularly about high finance or interesting people. I have been banned from Bloomberg in the bedroom after 8pm, so I escape to the bathroom. The markets are in my blood.

What drives me

My 13 years at Investec have flown by in what feels like a fraction of that time. This is largely because Investec empowers its people to build and run ‘their own’ business. This entrepreneurial culture is exciting and empowering and fosters a defined but fantastic culture within Investec.