Fixed-term Deposit Account

Channel Islands

Earn a competitive interest rate on your offshore savings and protect your returns from rate fluctuations. Our fixed-term deposit account is available in a range of currencies.

  • Get the most out of your savings
    To protect the returns you make on your hard-earned savings, our offshore fixed-term deposit is priced against money market rates. You earn a competitive rate of interest that’s typically higher than easy access account rates and is fixed for the full term of your deposit.
  • Designed around your needs and goals
    You specify the length of your deposit term, with options ranging from one week to one year. Your interest is calculated daily and paid to you in the currency you choose at the point your deposit matures.

Do you have £100,000 or more to save?

Who can apply?

If you have £250,000 (or equivalent) to save, you can operate a Fixed-term Deposit Account for one week or more.

If you’re looking to operate your Fixed-term Deposit Account for three months or more, the minimum balance you’ll need is £100,000.

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How the account works

Currency options

This account is available in a range of currencies.


Your interest is calculated daily and paid to you in any major currency at the point your deposit matures. Early withdrawals are not permitted.

On maturity

Your fixed-term deposit will be renewed automatically for a similar period at the prevailing interest rate unless you contact us with different instructions, prior to maturity.

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Terms and conditions

Download our factsheet to find out more about our offshore fixed-term deposit account, including terms and conditions