When it comes to private banking, you expect a certain level of service. And that's exactly what a Private bank account from Investec gives you: simple and intuitive online and mobile banking, and a dedicated team available 24/7/365.

Client eligibility

  • £300k minimum yearly earnings 
  • £3m minimum net worth
  • UK resident


Personal service, all day, every day

Our team of experts is available round the clock, 24/7/365, to assist you with anything from a simple day-to-day banking inquiry to a complicated international transaction, making your private banking experience hassle-free.

Emergency assistance

As a Private bank account holder, you can count on us to assist you in case of an emergency, regardless of your location. If you misplace or your card gets stolen, there's no need to panic. Whether it's an unexpected card replacement or emergency cash, we'll do all we can to help.

Using your card abroad

We don’t charge any foreign currency fees for using Investec debit cards in certain countries, including payments, refunds, and cash withdrawals. Any of these transactions made elsewhere and outside the UK will incur a foreign currency fee of 2% of the transaction value. To find out more click here. Local ATMs may also charge a usage fee.

Monthly fee for maintaining the account

As an Investec Private bank account holder, you can enjoy all the perks for a monthly account maintenance fee of £10. Moreover, you won't be charged for any of the following: faster payments, electronic transfers, and international payments. The Fee Information Document contains more details about fees for this account. You will not earn credit interest on any funds in the account.

Switching account made easy

The Current Account Switch Guarantee stamp

When you’re ready to join us, we’ll make everything as smooth as possible for you. We’ll transfer any existing balance and all existing outgoing payment arrangements – including direct debits, standing orders and payees you have already set up. You also don’t need to worry about redirecting any incoming payments. We’ll automatically contact the sender and give them your new account details. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Talk to a private banker about your requirements

If you earn a minimum of £300,000 a year, have a net worth in excess of £3m and want an exceptional private banking service that is designed to suit your individual needs, get in touch.

Investec Bank plc and its subsidiaries recognise and respect the privacy and data protection rights of individuals with regards to personal data.

We may use your personal data to provide you with services you request from us, or to manage your accounts, make decisions, detect and prevent fraud, fulfil any contractual relationship with you, undertake analysis and assessment, ensure that we comply with legal and regulatory requirements and/or for other purposes where in our legitimate interests.

For further details as to how Investec uses personal data, please refer to our Data Protection Notice


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Martyn Smith
Martyn Smith, private banker, Private Bank

As a Private bank account client, it’s easy to access the full world of private banking from Investec.

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