Currency Comment - A pocket (Ace) full of suspense

·        No sooner had Ace been suspended, that he promptly pulled himself up by his suspenders, unsuspended himself, and summarily suspended the President, whilst asking the NEC or NWC, or some other working group that had not been suspended yet, to suspend the deputy DG, who herself had suspended him in the first place.

·        By the time the ANC has finished suspending everyone within the party accused of graft, crime, and corruption, the so called “step aside rule”, there may be no one left to issue the final suspension letter to the last person who has to be suspended.

·        All we really can do is suspend belief, and wait in suspense, for the next suspenseful chapter to play out.

·        Were it not so absolutely tragic, it may even provide a laugh or two, but whilst these factional factors are factoring themselves through, the country continues to suffer the worst kinds of consequences as a result of these factors.

·        I suspend my head a shake it from side to side.

·        Anyway, at least this story has suspended my lack of inspiration and allowed me to find something to write about again.

·        The news about Magashule’s suspension lifted the rand slightly and we are now at the bottom end of the recent range at 14.35, waiting in suspense for the next move.

·        It’s going to be super interesting to see how this story plays out, and don’t for one moment think that this is the end of it.

·        To lean on Mr. Churchill…..” this is not the end, it may not even be the beginning of the end, at best, it is the end of the beginning”

·        For sure there are many backroom meetings taking place as you read this, and there are numerous possible outcomes.

·        It’s easy to predict another split looming within the Governing party. But however this turns out, the Country and its citizens have been the real losers.

·        Well done to Chelsea and Man City – that’s a final I’ll be watching as a neutral.