Currency comment – From Russia with love

  • Watching all the videos of Russian protesters against the Ukraine war being arrested got me thinking.
  • What must it be like to be a resident of Moscow at the moment, where all the real news is blocked out, with no access to the internet, and being subjected to propaganda and the fear of arrest for wearing blue or yellow. Kind of like the terrible days of Apartheid where the SABC would tell viewers that the Nationalist Government was right, and the rest of the world was wrong!!!
  • It got me thinking, what would a currency comment look like if I was writing for Investicivich Moscow

Herewith follows the currency comment from Davidenko Grazinsky:

  • The Russian Ruble today….readjusted to a new level of 140.00 to the USD  as the Russian peacekeepers entered our historical territory of the Ukraine  to assist that nation with the delicate task of reintroduction to the glorious motherland
  • Our glorious leader comrade Putin was quoted as saying the following….

“Our currency has been engineered to a more competitive level as the Imperialist West is seeking to destroy our economy because they are jealous of our wonderful achievements under the magnificent leadership of our peoples Republic representatives. This deliberate action will allow us to take advantage of the rising commodity prices, which we have made sure would rise, by exporting these commodities to our friendly democratic trading partners of North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Belarus and Central Africa Republic.”

  • You may wonder why then, that interest rates have doubled from 10 to 20% recently? And that is a very good question which has an easy answer The peoples Government wants to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of interest on the new found wealth that you are about to receive. Any day now.
  • Comrade Putin continues...

“ My fellow comrades – for now it may seem as if you are struggling economically – but this is a propagandistic plot by the West. In actual fact we are all extremely wealthy, any day now, and your motherland is in control of the situation. We know that many foreign companies have pulled out of Russia and that some of you have lost your jobs, but let’s be honest, serving non chickens at KFC was really not a very fulfilling way to earn a living. The glorious state will replace your employment by sending you to similar peacekeeping missions as the Ukraine, in Estonia, Latvia and Poland. If you serve the state well, we may even reward you with a post in Finland or Sweden. We recognize that for the moment the shop shelves are empty and that bread costs more than 10 times what it cost a month ago, but that’s because your fellow comrades are now so wealthy that they have purchased all the available food and sent it to Africa for humanitarian reasons. President Ramaphosa from South Africa has thanked us for our good work in the Ukraine and has promised us that we will be part of the corruption free process in South Africa to erect 10 new nuclear power plants. The bidding process will start in June 2022, however construction has already started on the first two. The benefits to all of our Comrades will be felt any day now – as soon as South Africa can sort out its accounting issues.

  • So what does this all mean for the currency? Whatever President Says it should!!. Whatever our glorious leader decides will be the right thing .
  • Pravda says that the peacekeeping mission in the Ukraine is going well and that the plastic bags coming back from the help zone are filled with donations for the glorious people of Russia.
  • Any day now we will see the benefits of the glorious work that your leaders are doing. Any day now.
  • и ты никогда не будешь ходить один - Ливерпуль великолепен.