Malcolm Preston Focus Talk

17 Nov 2020

Sustainability is crucial for business. Here's how to measure impact


UK digital content team

In an event recorded before social distancing measures, Malcolm Preston, former Global Head of Sustainability Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers, shared his view on why sustainability is so important for business growth and how we truly measure impact.

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Malcolm Preston was in the room when the UN Sustainable Development Goals were ratified in 2015 and he specialises in the measurement and evaluation of environmental, social, and economic impacts of business. As discussions around climate change intensify following the US departure from the Paris Climate Agreement, we are pleased to re-visit this Focus Talk.


In this exclusive discussion, Malcolm provides a high-level introduction to sustainability and explains why it increasingly matters to business. He discusses why the thinking around sustainability is changing and how to understand 'externalities', or costs that don’t appear on an income statement.  


Malcolm is now an Adjunct Professor at Kellogg School of Management, teaching Sustainable Decision-making. He is also visiting Faculty at Harvard Business School, teaching on its Sustainability Leadership programme for executives.


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