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This year, the Investec Literary Society travels with you as South Africa embraces the summer holidays we all live for. As one of our chosen authors notes, it’s more important to fill a kitbag with books than clothes. You’ll tell us if that’s the case, won’t you? Jenny Crwys-Williams chose your holiday reads.

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Part 1

00:00:41:00 PLACE: South African Literary Journeys by Justin Fox (Umuzi)
A literary travel book seen through the eyes (and feet) of seasoned traveller and reader Justin Fox. Magical moments await dedicated readers as he leads us from the Waterberg (Eugene Marais) to the Eastern Cape (Zakes Mda) and lots in between.

00:16:15:00 THE LAND OF LOST THINGS by John Connolly (Simon & Schuster)
Has John Connolly finally lost it? What’s happened to Charlie Parker? John reads (briefly) from his much awaited new novel for the Investec Literary Society…

00:19:57:00 HOW TO BE A REVOLUTIONARY by CA Davids (Umuzi)
Shanghai. Night. An old typewriter clacking in the apartment above. Knock on the door. A stranger asks for help - his English is not so good. Do you help him? This homegrown novel won this year’s biggest literary prize: The Sunday Times Fiction Award.


Part 2

00:00:49:00 RASSIE by David O’Sullivan (Pan Macmillan)
One of the hit bestsellers of the year - but does it still have legs? The man in the know is David O’Sullivan and he says ‘yes!’ Get ready for next year! As biographies go, this is a ripping tale. But can you bear the wait? We’ll keep you posted.

00:09:04:00 GROOTBOS written by Seán Privett and the Grootbos team (Quivertree)
Undoubtedly the picture book of the year. This version of the giant florilegium is exquisitely scaled down to fit into our bookcases. A book of vision, artistry and love for the country it draws its inspiration from. Yes, prints are available. But maybe go there to see the real thing?

00:32:14:00 THE HARRY POTTER WIZARDING ALMANAC: The Official Magical Companion to JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Books reviewed by Tom O’Sullivan
Everything you never knew about Harry Potter and his world. Tom O’Sullivan (son of the more famous David) reviews an almanac with considerable style. But is he enchanted? Only Hagrid really knows.