Rene van Zyl & Lizzie Fick

Investec Advisory: Tax & Fiduciary

Rene van Zyl

Anticipating private clients' needs in an ever-changing and complex word requires the ability to rapidly adapt to changes in both domestic and cross-border regulations, in order to provide bespoke and holistic cross-generational solutions.

Our experienced team of tax and fiduciary specialists ensure seamless delivery of cross border tax and estate planning solutions, taking into account the specific needs of each client and their family.

Lizzie Fick

Our clients, their family & businesses have become global. This has led to an increase in the complexity through which they must navigate, both locally and offshore. I help them navigate this complexity, by obtaining, providing and facilitating the necessary international advice.

I assist global families with cross-border multigenerational tax, estate, and exchange control planning and structuring. I take into account the specific needs of each client, their family, and business.