When completing the application form please take note of the following
  • Ensure that you answer all questions with full disclosure
  • All fields must be completed with as much detail as possible
  • Ensure all information provided is current, accurate and valid
  • Refer to the FAQ document that gives further detail on the process
  • All applications are reviewed and considered, and the selection of the successful applicants is at Investec’s discretion 


  • Which sectors will the trip be focusing on?

    For 2020, Investec CSI has revised the approach and has called out to all entrepreneurs, who meet the criteria regardless of sector, who would like to participate in the global exposure programme. 


    Based on the specific sectors we receive applications from, Investec will consider which sectors meet the business strategy and form part of the 2020 programme.

  • Which destinations will be visited?

    The destinations selected are based on research and findings that identify hubs that lead in innovation, provide the greatest learning and approach in the specific sector selected. Please see our previous years’ sectors, trips and destinations shown on the Investec website for details.

  • When will the trips take place?

    The trips take will take place in the 2020 year at different times and are 7-8 days in duration. Dates and destinations are subject to change and are at Investec’s discretion. The planned calendar for 2020 is:

     March 2020
    May 2020
    July 2020
    October 2020

     All candidates will be notified of the specific sectors and trip dates per sector once we have closed, reviewed and finalised outcomes of all applications received. Applications close on 10th January 2020. Entrepreneurs that meet the qualifying criteria should consider applying regardless of the sector in which they operate.

  • What is the cost of the programme / trip to the entrepreneur?

    All costs related to the global exposure programme including flights, accommodation, meals, transfers and content sessions are covered by Investec. Successful candidates are expected to pay a minimal contribution fee of R5000.00 towards the trip.

  • What to expect and should you apply?

    The itinerary is customised to the specific sector selected for a trip and planned according to the entrepreneurs selected. This ensures maximum exposure and benefit to successful applicants. 


    Factors that inform what the itinerary looks like include


    Stage and growth plans of the selected entrepreneurs businesses

    Reasons for their application and interest in the selected destination

    Objectives of the programme

    New technology advances, processes, thought leadership, startup and scaleup ecosystem of the destination being visited, funding models, investors etc 


    The complete itinerary is finalised and shared with successful applicants closer to the travel dates.

  • What are the expectations of me, as the entrepreneur, on the programme if I am selected?

    We expect the selected entrepreneurs to bring their drive, ambition, curiosity, be fully committed to the programme and its objectives as well as being fully engaged. You are not only representing your business and Investec but South Africa as a country.

  • What happens after the week abroad?

    Investec aims to form a partnership with our entrepreneurs and alumni to help them grow into the pipeline of other / different support programmes available.  Investec’s role is to try to accelerate the rate at which your success is realised and achieved, offering the right kind of support, access to opportunities and networks.

    If you are selected to join Investec on the global exposure programme, you automatically become an alumnus. Being an Investec CSI alumnus entitles you to be part of other pipeline programmes and offers access to other sector alumni, engagements, events and potential opportunities.

  • What is the qualifying criteria for an entrepreneur to be considered?


    For your application to be considered the applicant must meet the following entry requirements


    • You are the full-time business owner/entrepreneur of the business
    • You must have shareholding in the business as employees are not considered
    • Your business has been operating for at least 24 months
    • Your business must be fully operational / trading and not in ideation phase
    • The business must be registered and operated as a for-profit business
    • Entrepreneurs must be South African citizens or permanent residents under the age of 40
    • Applicant has not attended a previous Investec sponsored trip in the same sector
    • Business turnover must be under R50m per year.

    Note: Businesses should demonstrate innovation in the selected sector either through their business process, use and/or integration of technology or have a unique and differentiated business model. Your business should be locally based, registered, for-profit and operating to grow the South African economy and market.

  • How does the application process work?

    Three-step application process


    1. Eligible candidates that meet the qualifying criteria should complete an online application form 
    2. Successful first round candidates are invited for a face-to-face interview. Candidates will be notified of their shortlisting for the interview and dates and times will be provided
    3. Successful candidates from the face-to-face interview are subject to completion of a due diligence process, which entails verification of information supplied by the applicant before final selection is confirmed.

    Please note that final selection and confirmation of placement on the programme is at the sole discretion on Investec. Candidates selected are subject to completions of Investec due diligence processes before final selection is confirmed. No correspondence will be entered into and Investec’s decision on final selected candidates lies with Investec.

  • When will I know outcome of the application process?

    All candidates are informed of outcomes as soon as possible, and once the specific completion or closing dates have passed. Feedback is provided as soon as possible provided that all documentation is received and the information disclosed is accurate and complete.

  • About the selection panel

    The selection panel is at the discretion of Investec CSI. Our robust selection processes gives us confidence that we are able to ensure we are a fair and transparent process that align with our organization values.

  • What are some of the considerations used when reviewing applications?

    Some of the factors that are considered in the review process are:


    • Does the business demonstrate clear systematic and long-lasting business strategy and how this is being achieved or how this can be achieved through the business model
    • Does the business have a financial strategy and plan to show good business governance and planning
    • Does the business demonstrate effective accounting and financial systems
    • Does the business demonstrate an effective plan for the business's long-term growth and sustainability
    • Does the business demonstrate how it could scale its operations

    Further considerations in application review include


    • The commercial viability of your business. Does it affect Investec’s ability to market and facilitate relationships, investment opportunities and future global exposure trips with the host country and partners?
    • The nature and stage of the business. Are the business and entrepreneurs’ values aligned with Investec’s values and philosophies as an organisation.
    • Completion of due diligence. The final round of candidate selection and acceptance to the programme is conditional upon successful completion of a due diligence process, which is verification of all information supplied by the candidate
  • Who is En-novate?

    En-novate is the partner organisation and an independent company that works with Investec in building the itinerary and content for the week abroad.