Experience secure, online FX payments coupled with the combined expertise of your dedicated private banker and foreign exchange dealer. Our foreign exchange dealers can tailor solutions to suit your needs. They understand that timing is everything, so they are proactive and will act quickly to execute your trades.

Client eligibility

  • £300k minimum yearly earnings 
  • £3m minimum net worth
  • UK resident

FX Services

To help manage your FX exposure, we offer call and market order services, meaning we will watch the market, so you don’t have to.

Call Orders

Set a foreign exchange level in a specific currency pair and we will contact you if your level is reached, allowing you to then make a choice about whether to execute or discuss your next steps.

Market Orders

Set a fixed FX level in a specific currency pair for a specified amount and if your level is reached, we will automatically execute your trade for you. All orders are placed into the 24-hour markets meaning you could participate outside of UK office hours.

Currency Access Account

Our currency access accounts enable you to hold funds in 15 major currencies, allowing you to make foreign payments and manage your FX settlements. A number of these accounts pay interest for credit balances.

FX Products

To help you manage your foreign cashflow and strategic currency needs, we offer a range of trades on a spot, forward and open forward basis.


Trade currency pairs to settle on a T+ basis. We can offer same day settlement for some currencies.


Trade currency pairs for any future settlement date out to a maximum of 2 years forward.

Open Forward

Trade currency pairs for any future settlement date out to a maximum of 2 years with the enhanced flexibility of early settlement if required.

Charles Lesia, Foreign Exchange specialist, Investec Private Bank
Charles Lesia, FX Dealer

There's more to FX than just a headline rate. We offer a wide range of services, allowing clients to exchange frequently and efficiently.

Ready to talk to a private banker about your FX needs?

Meet the team

As part of our relationship-led service, you will have access to our expert FX dealers who will work with you to understand your unique needs and assure a high quality of service and professional advice.

A photo of Charles Lesia

Charles Lesia

FX Dealer

A photo of David Bimpson

David Bimpson

FX Dealer

A photo of Greig Tonks

Greig Tonks

FX Dealer

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