Platform Investment Service

Manage your clients’ portfolios with ease


Analyse your clients' portfolios, manage assets, and improve your efficiency. 

An efficient service

Investment platforms help you offer an efficient service to your clients. View their assets in one place, allowing you to analyse their portfolios and service their investments with ease. Your clients can also access a summary overview.

Predefined strategies

You can offer your clients six pre-defined investment strategies with the Standard Life platform. Discuss which strategy is most suitable to their circumstances and risk appetite, and advise them on their investment.

Discretionary management

Client accounts can then be linked to the chosen strategy, and their funds invested and managed on a discretionary basis. You report on investments to your clients, and you can both access information via the platform.

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Mark Stevens

Head of Intermediary Services

To discover more about our Platform service and how we might be able to help you, please call our team or complete our contact form.

Our related investment services for IFAs

Discretionary Portfolio Management

We will create a bespoke portfolio that reflects the mandate you have determined for your client. Typically for portfolios greater than £150,000.

Master Portfolio Service

Drawing on your detailed understanding of your clients’ investment objectives, you can choose from six pre-defined model portfolios. A discretionary collective-based service for investments from £50,000. 

AIM Portfolio IHT Plan

Designed to protect your clients’ assets from inheritance tax after only two years, this plan can also be set up inside an ISA. This discretionary service is suitable for investments over £100,000.

Structured Product Service

A service created specifically for your clients who want a defined return over a defined period.