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  • Accessing your account online

    • Go to www.investec.com
    • Click on the ‘Login’ button (top right hand corner)
    • Enter your Investec ID number, which is either you SA ID number or your passport number if you don’t have an SA ID number
    • Enter your temporary password – you can get your temporary password by calling the global Client Support Centre on +27 11 286 9663 (the password is only valid for one hour)
    • If you need to transact on the account before receiving your Investec Online password, please contact the global Client Support Centre.


    Once logged in, you are able to:


    • View all your Investec accounts on a single dashboard
    • Make beneficiary, ad hoc, international or faster payments
    • Transfer funds between Investec accounts instantly
    • View transactions and get online documents like statements, tax certificates, account reference letters or travel visa letters
    • Buy airtime, data or electricity
    • Redeem your Rewards points
    • Manage your card online – get your PIN via SMS, temporarily block and unblock your card or notify us when you are travelling abroad
    • Open accounts online locally or internationally
    • Access online digital tools to help you manage your wealth and life:

      o      Manage my life (including My Briefcase and My will)
      o      Manage my finances and a Budget tool
      o      My Investments you can invest in onshore and offshore unit trusts or
              tax free products from a minimum of R10 000
      o      Trade shares on our Online Share Trading platform - monthly
              administration fees are waived and brokerage is flat. A minimum
              brokerage fee per transaction will apply.


  • Accessing your account through the App

    • Access your account on your phone or tablet by downloading the free
      Investec App from the Apple App store or Google Play (search for 'Investec')
    • Enter your ‘Investec ID’, which is either your South African ID number or your passport number should you not be a South African citizen, and your Investec Online password (which will be the temporary password if you’re logging in for the first time).


    The Investec App enables you to:


    • Receive In App authentication messages to log securely into Investec Online  
    • Access secure transactional banking services, including beneficiary, once-off and faster payments  
    • Get your Investec card PIN sent to you by SMS
    • Temporarily block and unblock your card
    • Enjoy other features, such as purchasing airtime, data or electricity or redeeming Rewards points on the go
    • Store and access your important documents in your My Briefcase
    • Trade JSE-listed shares 
    • Apply for life insurance including Mortgage Protection, Income Protection, Disability, Severe Illness or Life Cover
    • Contact your Private Banker directly from the App
    • Notify us when you are travelling outside of South Africa
    • Share your account details.
  • Getting your card PIN

    Once you have received your new Investec Visa card, you can get your PIN in three ways:


    1.  Investec Online - Log into Investec Online and select 'Menu’. Under ‘My banking’ select 'Manage cards & accounts’, choose your account, click on ‘Manage cards’, select ‘Resend card PIN', complete the card information and then click on 'Request PIN by SMS'
    2. Investec App – Log into the App, tap on the account the card is linked to and select the ‘Card’ option. Select 'Resend card PIN', complete the card information and then select ‘Send’
    3. Call us – You can contact our 24/7 global Client Support Centre on +27 11 286 9663.


    You will need your card number and card expiry date to get your PIN.

  • Transferring your debit orders

    • To transfer existing debit orders to your Investec Private Bank Account,
      sign the debit order authorisation form (attached to your Welcome email) and return it to the Debit Order Transfer team on [email protected] or to your Private Banker
    • Please include a copy of a current bank statement reflecting your existing debit orders and indicate clearly on your statement which debit orders you would like us to move.
  • Transferring your salary

    To assist you in transferring your salary deposit to your new Investec
    Private Bank Account, give the account confirmation letter (attached to your
    Welcome email) to your HR/payroll department to update your account details.

  • Depositing cash or cheques into your account

    Cash deposits:

    • Cash deposits can be made at any Absa branch
    • The Absa account number to be used is 0104 396 0306
    • Please use your Investec Account number (1001 number) as the reference    

    Cheque deposits:

    •  Investec no longer accepts or processes any cheque deposits. Please contact your Private Banker for alternative options.

For more assistance contact our 24/7/365 global Client Support Centre 

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