Powerful self-service banking at your fingertips


  • Open a bank account: Open a transactional, investment or savings account, or apply for financing, loan or insurance in just a few steps.
  • Pay & transfer funds: Make a payment to a new or existing beneficiary or transfer funds between your accounts on your Investec Online profile.
  • PayShap: Instantly send or receive payments using a mobile phone number, business name or bank account details.
  • Manage cards and accounts: View and manage your Investec cards and bank accounts online or on your app.
  • Manage beneficiaries, payments & authorisations: Set up, schedule and authorise the release of payments and manage new and existing beneficiaries.
  • Bank statements & documents: View and download bank statements, tax certificates, travel visa letters, and more. 
  • International banking: Easily manage your foreign currency and send and receive money in multiple currencies and across borders.
  • Buy airtime, data & electricity: Buy airtime, data and electricity for you, friends, family and employees.


  • My Investments: Trade shares online and invest in a range of local and offshore unit trusts, managed portfolios and tax-free investments with Investec’s intuitive online investment platform.
  • Clarity: Clarity is the easy and transparent way to access the world’s financial markets. Invest locally and internationally, buy any value of a share, invest in a wide range of index funds – and more.


  • Open a savings account: Transfer your cash into a savings account in just a few clicks and begin earning interest.
  • Foreign currency call account: Save, view and manage your savings in foreign currency, US dollar, British pound and euro.


  • Manage my Life: Save your own personal information, such as, all your account numbers, medical aid information and family member details for easy access. This service also offers alerts to expiring licences.
  • Private Vault: Private Vault offers a secure and convenient solution for uploading and storing all your digital documents, including a copy of your will. You can set reminders for document expiration dates and find downloadable templates for creating your will.
  • Manage my finances: A global, consolidated view of all your finances, including Investec accounts and other financial institutions (e.g. rewards, loyalty programmes, unit trusts, assets and provident funds) helping you make more informed decisions, about your net wealth. Set and stick to a monthly budget with our convenient easy-to-use budget tool.

A banking experience that’s all about you

Seamless international banking

Our clients are citizens of the world, our platform allows for access and management of both local and international accounts in one place. In addition we have made travel a little more seamless with convenient functionality like managing cards while abroad and storing and accessing key travel documents from our app.

Data protection and security

Keeping your wealth and personal information secure is important. We have built-in choices for authenticating payments, including biometric verification for logging on and second-factor authentication.

Do it yourself, easily

Autonomy is important for our clients, they can manage their limits, redeem rewards and temporarily block cards.For convenient 'banking on the go' you can carry out simple transactions like paying beneficiaries, buying airtime and electricity. You can even store and access critical documents like copies of your passport through My Briefcase.

Efficient and convenient solutions

We have designed products that save clients time and make their lives more convenient. Manage my Life lets you save your own personal information, for example, a variety of account numbers, medical aid data, and family member details for easy access when you need it most as well as alerts to expiring licences.


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Invest, transact, and manage your personal life with a feature-rich digital bank account.

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