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Life Insurance not made for everyone. Made for you.

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You’re a one-of-a-kind. Which is why Investec Life brings you tailored life insurance to protect what’s most important to you, with efficient, flexible insurance solutions as unique as your life. Now you can get cover that’s comprehensive and adjusts over time.

With Investec, your wealth building partner, you can bank, invest and protect – all in One Place™.


Why Investec Life?

This video is enabled with closed captioning which you can activate by clicking the cc block at the bottom right of the video screen. The video run time is 2:10 min.
This video is enabled with closed captioning which you can activate by clicking the cc block at the bottom right of the video screen. The video run time is 2:10 min.

Exclusive to Private Banking clients

Safeguard your future with cover that adapts as your life changes

Exceptional personal service, supported by high-tech processes

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It's simple and easy to apply. Log into Investec Online or the Investec App. Click on the 'Protect' tab. Click on 'Life insurance'.

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Experience the difference when you have a partner that enables you to bank, invest and protect - all in One PlaceTM.

Tailor-made insurance to fit your lifestyle

Mortgage Protection Cover

Your family is what matters most to you. Get the comfort of knowing that should you pass away, we'll automatically settle your outstanding Investec Private Banking home loan so your dependants won't have to. This smart cover adjusts as your outstanding home loan balance decreases, saving you up to 50% on premiums.

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Life Cover

Give yourself the unmatched peace of mind that having financial protection for the ones you love brings.  Protect your family from the economic impact of your passing away, making sure they can maintain their lifestyles, continue with their education or hold on to your assets. With comprehensive cover, we'll pay your main beneficiary upfront while we assess your claim, with a first instalment of up to R100,000 in two business days.

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Severe Illness Cover

It's reassuring to have protection against a comprehensive range of medical conditions, knowing you can cover the costs your medical aid may not. With Investec Severe Illness Cover, you can access the treatment that could change your quality of life. We promote early detection and early treatment with progressive cover, including for early-stage cancers. Get automatic cover for unknown future severe illnesses and for your children.

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Disability Cover

While the future is uncertain for all of us, you want to be secure in the knowledge that you'll be appropriately protected if the unexpected were to happen. Get a lump sum payment if you're permanently disabled after a significant injury or illness, knowing that costs relating to lifestyle adjustments or permanent nursing care are taken care of. We'll also pay out 50% of your cover for less severe disability. Available as standalone cover.

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Income Protection Cover

Give yourself the consolation of knowing you can still cover your family's living expenses and save for retirement if you're unable to work because of illness or injury. Secure your potential future earnings with cover related specifically to your occupation. Available as standalone cover.

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Business Overheads Cover

One of the biggest risks your business faces is if something happens to you. Absence from work could have implications on your ability to carry out key functions. Investec Life's comprehensive Business Overheads Cover protects you and your business against accumulating business expenses while you are unable to work, by covering up to 100% of your business overheads for non-permanent and permanent events.

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Investec. One Place™

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Partner with an award-winning Private Bank and Wealth Manager

Through Investec. One Place™ we give you access to our full suite of banking and investment services, both locally and internationally, enabling you to create, grow, preserve and protect your wealth through us.


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