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12 Feb 2018

The new ‘pro-sharing’ workspace economy

Business Class

Out of the Ordinary insights from Investec Private Bank

The shift in social attitudes from ‘ownership to access’ and the growing sharing economy has begun to deeply impact the global perspective of the workplace. 

Co-sharing workspaces are rapidly overtaking working or meeting at coffee shops and make sense on many levels for more than just the entrepreneur, millennial or freelancer. The concept of ‘pro-sharing’ – or having a co-working space for the executive or professional – is attracting the attention of corporates and multi-nationals for its ease of use, security, and flexibility, especially in uncertain economic environments where long-term lease commitments are risky.


We interview Linda Trim, Director of FutureSpace, a collaboration between Investec Properties and Giant Leap, about trends in creating space for the professional, especially in the South African context.


"Pro-working is about having a space for professionals to be productive, it's not just about having a ping pong table for millennials" - Linda Trim

Other benefits include:


  • The flexibility to shrink and grow with your business
  • Small companies can now find affordable space in sought-after locations
  • Not having to pay for office staff, security, fitting out your own space or getting the latest tech 
  • Technology in a shared space is kept up to date

Watch video: Inside a 'plug and play' work space


"Typically it was millennials and start-ups that were interested in shared work spaces, now we're increasingly seeing multi-nationals moving in."

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00:45 Who uses shared office spaces?

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