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21 Mar 2022

Go on the GOAT | Top six travel trends in 2022

Now that billions of vaccines have been administered in at least 197 countries, the travel industry is once again opening up.  

Expedia coined the term GOAT for travel in 2022, meaning the Greatest of All Trips. People are done with exploring their own backyards. In 2022, there is a renewed excitement for travel, whether it’s locally or internationally, the trip of a lifetime or just saying ‘yes’ to whatever travel opportunity comes along. 

Here are the top six trends

  • 1. Personal development retreats

    As the Great Resignation indicates, millions of people are seeking new career paths, launching their businesses and becoming more entrepreneurial. The last two years have been stressful, so many people will invest in self-improvement, including personal development retreats.

  • 2. Extreme expeditions

    Being cooped up at home is over. People are ready to take on the next bucket list adventure, such as mountaineering expeditions and treks, quad biking safaris, deep-sea diving and more. The sky is the limit.

  • 3. Making a difference

    Community became a big talking point during the pandemic - we would applaud our carers or check in on our neighbours. This care and compassion will not disappear, it will spill over into travel. found that 58% of travellers think it’s important their trip benefits the community at their destination and 68% want to have authentic experiences of the local culture.

  • 4. The year of ‘YES’

    If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that we need to seize opportunities. You might get an unexpected invitation to a mini-break with friends or to a solo yoga retreat. Instead of ‘I’ll think about it’, people will say ‘yes’ more often.

  • 5. Making up for lost time

    With friends and family scattered all over the world, people have missed weddings, family reunions, birthdays and special occasions. In 2022, people will be making up for lost time and booking trips to reconnect with loved ones and friends. Big reunion-style vacations will be popular.

  • 6. Travel agents are in demand

    Big trips often require careful planning, which has resulted in a renewed demand for reputable travel agents. Professional agents can help travellers navigate Covid-19 tests, restrictions, changes in entry requirements, visas, flights, accommodation, activities and back-up plans.

Top tip - Get travel insurance  

Life happens. Vacation plans change, people get sick, work projects take priority. The only thing worse than missing a long-awaited holiday is still paying for it when you’re stuck at home. Get comprehensive travel insurance for your own peace of mind.