Going to use your Investec Visa card abroad?

On the App or Investec Online, you can let us know when and where you’ll be travelling. This ensures you will be able to transact on your card and our fraud teams are on the lookout for any fraudulent transactions.

No roaming? No problem

If you have no roaming while abroad, make sure you’ve downloaded the App and activated In App Messaging. This enables you to still log onto Investec Online and check your banking and investments, and reduces your risk of becoming a victim of sim-swap fraud.


Forgot your Investec Online ID, password or PIN?

On the Investec App, you can unlock your account and manage your password with your fingerprint or facial recognition. On the App and Investec Online, you can send a request to get your card PIN sent to you again.


Lost your card?

If you think you’ve lost your card or it’s been stolen, you can quickly do a soft block on your card either through Investec Online or the App. If you find it, you can easily unblock the card. If it’s definitely lost or stolen, you can contact your Private Banker or the global Client Support Centre to arrange a new one.


Reached your online payment limit?

If you need to do a few more online transactions, but have reached your payment limit, you can simply log into Investec Online and increase your limit. Please note this changes your payment limit online and not your card limit.

Last minute trip and need to apply for a visa?

Log into Investec Online and download your stamped bank statements or your Visa letter quickly.


Not sure if you’ve broken your budget?

When you log into Investec Online, look for ‘Budget’ under ‘Manage my finances’. This online tool enables you to build a personalised and realistic budget around your lifestyle, your money and your future - and then monitor your spend.


Need access to your ID or passport?

On Investec Online and the App, you can securely save your important documents under ‘My briefcase’ and access it at a moment’s notice.


Feeling generous?

If you want to spoil yourself or a loved one, remember you can redeem your Rewards points (Online and App) for a variety of our partners.


Lights are out? And you’re not home?

Easily buy prepaid electricity (App and Online) and keep your household connected.

If you suspect fraud or have any questions, get in touch with our global Client Support Centre on 0860 110 161 or +27 11 286 9663.