Youngtreps take on Singapore

03 September 2018

Entrepreneurs in financial innovation went on an Investec CSI global exposure program to Singapore. Participants networked, identified business opportunities and met with industry leaders in a week-long program.

Singapore meeting

One week, countless opportunities

The entrepreneurs spent their global exposure week meeting with leading fintech companies including in cybersecurity, payments and logistics. Participants and the start-up community in Singapore shared experiences, challenges, successes and future plans.

The financial innovators were also in discussions with policymakers, including Enterprise Singapore and the Monetary Authority of  Singapore, universities and incubators -  exposing them to the country’s financial services ecosystem.

“From this young entrepreneurs’ trip, I am taking away a few things. One of them is some learnings that I will take back to Johannesburg which is, as South African entrepreneurs we have the capabilities to compete at a global stage, we have the aptitude, we have the skills and we have the resources as well to compete globally on a scale. Our ideas are enough,” said Christian Nyakanyanga, Kaleidotech Investments T/A Cyber Sentinel.
US$299.1 mil
Record high fintech funding in 2017
Active fintech companies
Fintech MOUs

Key segments in fintech in Singapore




Regtech & cybersecurity






Big data & AI




Wealth management


B2B infra & tech



Source: Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
Lynton Naicker
“This has opened and instilled values of how an international market works and how a country such as Singapore, that is thriving with innovation, is able to boost the economy through financial services and fintech innovation.”

Lynton Naicker, Digital Snapslips

Investec CSI's Young Entrepreneurs Programme

A global programme

Our young entrepreneurs’ platform exposes South African entrepreneurs to global business thinking. This year's trips include Israel, Berlin, Singapore and Helsinki.

Sector focus

Every year Investec, in partnership with En-novate, sends a group of young entrepreneurs from various sectors to specifically selected countries in order to gain global exposure. 

Networking opportunity

Each itinerary provides them with opportunities to network and to engage with venture capitalists, funders and captains of industry.


The aim is for them to return home not only stimulated and inspired, but also with a list of potential partners, funders and markets for their product or service.  

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