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Investec Corporate Cash Manager (CCM) is a simple and efficient online third-party cash management solution that allows you to deliver exceptional service to your clients. Our team partners with you to enable the management of your underlying clients’ funds efficiently and effectively. Our CCM online banking platform uses Investec’s innovative online capability to provide you with a secure environment in which to transact on behalf of your clients. Our success is directly aligned with your success, whether you are assisting your client with conveyancing, estates, trusts, curatorships, litigation or liquidation matters, CCM assists you from start to finish and provides a secure and professional service for you and your clients.



  • Secure environment in which to transact

    • World-class security features 
    • Select user access rights and manage risk through authorisation levels

    Streamline your administration

    • Open accounts, transact and invest on behalf of your clients
    • Access online reports and full audit trails of all transactions
    • Save time by being able to seamlessly transact online 

    An online system you can access anywhere, anytime

    • Innovative online banking facilities
    • Simple and user-friendly system

    Interest rates, fees and charges

    • Administration fees can be levied on client accounts
    • Free online guarantees (attorneys only)
    • Offer your clients competitive interest rates

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Nicolette Petersen - Investec for Intermediaries

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Corporate cash management solutions

Investec for Intermediaries

Investec for Intermediaries

Whether your specialisation is property management, conveyancing, estates, trusts, curatorships, litigation or liquidation we partner with you as you partner with your clients.

Corporate Cash Management for Intermediaries

Corporate Cash Management for Intermediaries

Easily administer your clients' cash investments