Access to comprehensive long- and short-term insurance that enables you to protect your lifestyle and your assets.

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Investec Life's tailored life insurance solutions are exclusively designed to protect what’s most important to you.

Our products are comprehensive, fully customisable and have been designed with your unique requirements in mind. With Investec as your wealth building partner, you can bank, invest and insure – all in One Place™.

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Protect your assets and your profession

Aon South Africa: Investec’s approved short-term insurance broker

Aon SA
Household insurance

Enjoy benefits including assets all-risk cover (no need to specify cellphones, jewelry, etc), waiver of the average condition on homeowners cover (no under-insurance), and specialist insurance for high-value vehicles, art, jewelry, etc.


Professional indemnity insurance

Short-term cover that protects you against any damages that may be claimed from you, as an expert in a particular field and whose expertise and advice the public might rely on. 
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