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No one plans to get injured or ill, but regardless of age, occupation or lifestyle, the risk of an accident or illness is always there. In the event of a permanent disability, Investec Life’s Disability Cover will pay you a lump sum to help you make the lifestyle adjustments and have access to optimal rehabilitation opportunities that you need to keep living an Out of the Ordinary life.

What is disability cover?

Following a major permanent injury or illness when you cannot care for yourself, perform simple daily activities, or perform your occupational duties, disability cover will provide you with a lump sum payout. It can be used to settle your debts, adjust your living space or motor vehicle, and create financial breathing room to focus on what’s important – living a quality life.

How much Disability Cover do I need?

We design and price your Investec Life Disability Cover policy according to your needs, responsibilities and how much cover you need to keep living a fulfilling life with the necessary adjustments. The amount of cover you need is based on a number of factors such as your financial situation and your occupation. Please contact your financial adviser or one of our Investec advisers to understand the amount of cover you need.

What is covered under this benefit?

Payouts are based on objective medical criteria and cover permanent disability conditions related to cardiovascular, neurological, musculoskeletal, cancer and seven other listed categories of conditions. You are covered for 50% or 100% payout amounts depending on the severity of your disability.

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Get peace of mind knowing that costs arising from a permanent disability, such as lifestyle adjustments and long-term nursing or care, will be taken care of.

The Investec Life difference

Comprehensive benefits

Payouts are based on objective medical criteria or your specific occupational duties. For less severe disabilities, you are covered with 50% of the cover amount.

Efficient premiums

Investec Life allows you to take Disability Cover as a standalone product without the need for Life Cover. Note that premiums are age-rated and not guaranteed.

Tailored approach

We will design a policy around your lifestyle and responsibilities. If your employer offers group cover, you can consider taking out standalone Disability Cover from Investec Life as a top-up.

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